It’s better to use dog sitting

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Me & Gypsy Ran…

Ah it’s so good having a show only ten minutes away.

For the past few weeks I’d been debating whether to run Gypsy this weekend or not. From being a happy sporty little dog in September, to slowly getting slower in October, to then looking plain uncomfortable in November, I stopped training her. We have had a couple of sessions at the dog house this year but because of the flooring nothing major. I’ve so far put her stiffness down to cold and lack of fitness, so couldn’t decide what to do for Holmside.

Video stills! #1: 1-2 Agility. #2: 1-3 Jumping.

I got her nicely warmed up and she was clearly geared up & ready. I ran her in the 1-2 and whilst she was obviously wanting it, I don’t know how comfortable she was.. her jumping doesn’t look appalling but it was SO slow. There was none of this Gypsy-power she sometimes throws at me. She didn’t go into her 2o2o on the dog walk and judging by her speed I didn’t think we’d get placed very high, so nagged her a bit to go into the position and then released her.. she didn’t instantly release on the aframe (good girl!) either so I figured we didn’t really stand a chance. Her weaves were nice though!

This was until I was standing watching something and I just heard a “CAT!” and Laura dragged me to receive my first place! There were only fourteen dogs in grade 2, so I guess if not many got clear it was understandable. What WASN’T understandable is Tracy later came over to tell me we’d beaten the second dog by 12 seconds. Just.. how?!

The course itself was quite nasty for 1-2. Not awful by any means but surprising! There was a high chance of either a wide turn at #7 or a backjump, which I saw quite a few times. The angle onto the dog walk was quite bad for almost any grade if not handled right, no matter 1-2! The angle onto the aframe wasn’t great if people didn’t know to line their dogs up, either. This isn’t a bitch though, I quite enjoyed it (apart from mrs plod!), just surprising for such low grades.

At this point I didn’t really know what to do. I discussed it with a few people because all I had left were jumping rounds, and since she’s better with her contact equipment than she is with her jumping, I wasn’t sure what to do. I walked the 1-3 jumping and knew we’d be crap! Repetitive pinwheels, lots of me stopping and not running with her, no tunnels or weaves until the end to get her going.. just jumping. I pondered for a while but in the end gave it a bash! We did alright, went clear and she jumped better & faster than she did in the first course but I still wasn’t happy. Again, her weaves were fab.. particularly since I lost count of how many dogs missed the weave entry for that course. The tunnel was slightly angled but I thought it was angled so you’d actually get the entry, but apparently not?! The amount of dogs that struggled was really surprising. Anyway, so we went clear and she seemed to be quite happy. I stopped my body completely at #5 so it made her hestitate for the jump, meaning we did lose more time than we already were.

I decided to go home without knowing where I’d placed because my last run wasn’t until the very end of the day, it was jumping & I knew by that point Gyp would be knackered. This weekend was easy because it’s so close, meaning if I don’t think she’s going to do it I can just pull her out and literally just go straight home.. possibly even come back again if I fancied it. But with next weekend (Hare ‘n’ Hounds), it’s further away and I don’t want to waste my parent’s time by calling it off.. so have decided not to go. I’m now going to wait until Easter to do any shows with her, hopefully it’ll be as warm as it was last year so I’ll now that if she can’t cope with that then she needs to be retired.

So I came home with a rather large smile on my face as we’re now grade 3. It’s terrifying though since I really didn’t think it’d be that easy & now Pogs will have to start there! Either way though, I’m chuffed with my trophy.

Not going to post the videos as they’re just so boring to watch but I have put together her weaves..

Huge congratulations to Tracy & Mac who won out of grade 1 together, it’s SUCH an inspiration from knowing that dog a year ago! He has the potential to be a huge speedy powerful dog and it’s wonderful to see him getting better and better. Really good to finally meet Lucy and of course Leanne kept me company throughout as usual! Poor Dyl didn’t quite know what to do with Pogo, but then not many dogs do!

Please be Good: 2016

To reflect on 2015, it was probably both my worst and best year. Somewhere in either January or February my depression and anxiety was finally diagnosed, I found out as well as my anxiety attacks, my lack of eating was also a form of panic attack, essentially self harm but in a different way. Somewhere in those two months Marley was also diagnosed with skin cancer, we still didn’t get a clear informed response of what it was but we knew we had limited time with him. February also brought Gypsy’s first show in a loong time, which despite not going clear in either and only staying there for about an hour, I really enjoyed.

March was March.. I left school, took up on home studying, although it was incredibly hard. I became distant with most of my friends, however I somehow managed to cope. April brought me my first ever show where I got placed, Nick said the look on my face when I found out I got a 5th was priceless, haha.

May then brought Waldridge, where I somehow managed to bag a number of 1sts & 2nds and moved me & Gyp up into grade 2. I was ecstatic, with exams now creeping up it couldn’t have come at a better time because I was just on a total high.

June brought exams. Bad results in pretty much all of them, and the ones I didn’t fail I didn’t get as high as of a mark as I would have liked to.. but it didn’t seem to bother me. Someone pointed out a litter of whippets on Lurcher Link..

July brought my birthday, and with that I met my puppy. Despite the fact that we wanted a local dog, we ended up making the long trip down to Wigan to meet her at 4 weeks, we chose “China”, and off we went to prepare ourselves.

August brought puppy! I had originally wanted a dog but my mam was set on a bitch, so for that exchange I got to name her Pogo which my mam very much disliked, ha. She settled in well, and even Nick fell in love with her. NICK!

September brought the loss of Marley. I was gutted, but if I’m completely honest almost 5 months later and it still hasn’t really sunk in. I also don’t think I realised how much of my heart dog he really was, I’ve always always said Gypsy is but I didn’t realise how perfect he was until I found out I was going to lose him.

October brought Jay, although I haven’t really done much with him at all. It also brought Green Day, which I’m very sorry to my pooches because they weren’t there, but it was probably the best weekend of my life. We had the most amazing hotel I’ve ever stayed in, just for me & Nick, the gig itself was incredible and for that one weekend every single bad thing that had happened that year just went away. Despite still being in depression I don’t think I stopped smiling once.

November was November.. December was christmas & new year, Pogo turned 6 months and I finally started to have a small plan of how I was going to get fit again.

Sooo here we are, January 2015. It’s incredibly strange. I remember Nick & I talking about how LOST wasn’t going to be out for aaaages. How it’s going to be forever until my puppy has grown up. How it’s going to be ages until he can drive/turn eighteen. How it’s going to be forever until I’ll be doing my own classes, be on my cours etc etc.. however the most depressing one is definitely uni! It’s so close we could both cry haha. I’ve debated moving with him and I can tick all the boxes except money, so there’s not much chance of that happening.

I’m really behind with Pogs too, although at least I have the snow to blame. She should be doing contact & tunnel work but I really don’t want to risk any slipping. Her cik’s are looking really nice, just trying to work on even the slightest amount of distance that she’ll give me, got to work on her left wrap next but I haven’t even decided what I’m going to say for it yet lol.

I seem to have lost her heelwork but her lefts & rights are as strong as ever. I’ve also been playing with her downs, & have been asking her to go between my legs & down, in the startline-position kind of thing. They’re nice and fast on carpet, however she just won’t lie down on hard surfaces.. why the f did I get a fussy whippet! :P

I’m really hoping this year is a good one! I’m in the middle of organising how on earth I’m going to tame this whipwhop with foundations. Pawfect Start starts on the 27th Jan, not sure how up to date we are on puppies but I don’t think we’ve reached our max of six yet, so if you have a pup please contact Tracy on the given email address. Also I realise the site doesn’t look particularly professional at the moment, I just used a div layer for the content but I’d really rather find some form of fixed CSS so that’s not finished yet.

Wow, long post! My new years resolution was to get fitter, train my pup, keep Gypsy “young” and work on blogging more regularly!!

Didn’t make a fantastic start to that last one but hopefully I’ll be doing better. I’m also trying to conjour up adverts for my photography/art, things to stick around places.. but I’m terrible with words.

Happy new yeeeaaar!!

Me & My Modern Love


Welcome to TML. My name is Leslie, I’m fourteen years old and live in a small town called Chester-le-Street, in England. It’s a little unheard of so the best I can describe it is between Durham and Newcastle. I’m currently over half way through year 10 in Park View Community School, and I have mixed feelings about it. I’m taking Art, Graphics, Business Studies and History as GCSE’s, but the last two were purely because I had run out of choices. I’m really either an A student or a D student, right now the most popular is D, which I probably shouldn’t admit.

I have three “talents”, as it’s been put, which are art, IT and dogs. They are my main focuses in life and the only things I can think of for a future career. My current problem is finding a good one for each.

With my mother taking a superb taste in artwork and having a rather obvious talent for it, she did nothing but strengthened me to do the same. I have picked up skills that were never taught to me, only encouraged, and I’m not amazing but would say (with a rather large head!), that I’m good for my age. I find both traditional and digital work fascinating.

I’ve been a part of the internet since I was probably 8 or 9. I remember being a part in the PKC and various other PC forums, and from there I was learning HTML, graphics and web design. This was by the age of about 11 or 12, and I remember my dad being astounded whilst walking in on me sitting editing lots of codes and messing around. Of course I’m not very good considering I’ve been doing it so long and not really gotten anywhere, but I am self taught and hope that eventually if all else fails, I can fall back on web design. Which is what a lot of my family want me to go into.

There is and always has been something about me and my love for dogs that has existed from being very young. I originally first picked it up from my sister at probably about 3, but unlike her I never grew out of the “animal loving” phase. Up until we got our first dog, Dylan, I would constantly stop dog walkers to stroke their dogs, and I got to know the “regulars” quite quickly. Dylan was a Tibetan Terrier from the breeder Myrlea. He lived with us the from nine weeks to seven years, when his life was ended due to a serious eye disease. He was an incredibly difficult dog, we’d even have people call him “broken”, or “troubled”. Dylan was so independent, he bonded very strangely with us and sadly it wasn’t until he’d gone that I realised what the problems were. It’s thanks to him that I am where I am now, because I certainly would not be as knowledgeable without him. For anyone out there with a difficult dog, no matter how much you blame yourself, I promise you the harder the dog you start off with the easier and the more you learn. I regretted Dylan, but looking back on it I know I shouldn’t have. We started agility with Dylan but due to him not being interested in the slightest, we then started using Gypsy, then we got Marley who we’ve started fly-ball with.

Enjoy my site

I am a very happy whippopotamus owner right now.

As seen on the last vid, I encouraged her to go over the jump bumps my dad built in the garden. She took to it instantly! Today Tracy took me up the field and I decided to see what I could do with her. Gypsy’s currently ill, so stupidly she’s had no training for Holmside this weekend (provided she’s better), but I went along with Pogs anyway.

We set up the speed bumps complete with wings, started with two, then three.. I wasn’t really happy putting a fourth in because of the different ground levels and how wet it was, although she could have clearly done it no bother. Even so though, I’m not wanting to set her up to fail just yet.

She’s speeeedy! She really doesn’t feel it, but then I haven’t ran with her. I watched the videos through and got shocked by how quick she looked. I realise she’ll be much speedier whilst she’s running flat but I expected more of a silly puppy bound rather than her actually attacking the jumps by running full speed. Cleary some recall work has actually worked! Just wait and see what she’s like when it comes to asking her to work ahead of me. Oh dear!

We introduced her to a full tunnel, and did it at an almost 90 degree angle, so I’m pleased! It’s not confident, a part from the obvious fact that it’s the first time she’s ever been in something so long, it was also very wet and any whippet-knower understands that whippets don’t like wet!

She waited on the ends of the dog walk alright, not great, but alright. Something I definately need to work on. It’s all very strange, I love contact work with Gypsy, it’s boring with Pogo. I love jumping (so far) with Pogo, it’s boring with Gypsy. I’ve also found with Gypsy that it feels much better when I’m running her than when I watch the video. Whereas with Pogo it just all feels like one big sloppy mess, and whilst it’s not exactly perfect by any means, she looks much better in videos than she feels to me.

Anyway, here’s the video! I was mixing with the regulators just to see what she’d do, I didn’t really know what I was doing so going to scrap them next time since I don’t have anyone who knows around me either

Spent Usual Time With My Dogs

Not really much to update. I bought & watched Susan Salo’s Puppy Jumping on Clean Run’s new VOD selection, it’s given me some great food for thought.. buying & building jump bumps on Saturday! Pogs has been doing her wing wraps nicely round the goal posts and she was concentrating well when I got Tracy to work Dizzy around her. She ran off to Diz a couple of times, but quickly returned back to me for tugging, that’s a good achievement but I still need her to be much better. She turns 7 months on Monday, I’m hoping she outgrows the dog obsession much quicker than Marley did, it took him a year and a half.

She also had her first walk with Jay last week which was nice. I haven’t let them be together much because he has this huge desire to mouth things, when you step in the door he literally takes your arm in his mouth & just holds it. It’s not biting, and it’s not hard, he just so badly wants to carry you around lol. Anyway he had a habit of doing this to her neck and stupid Pogo of course even though she was in pain would always run back to him for more, so I needed to control the situation myself. Now she’s much bigger and he’s had a bit more time to mature, they got along really well and he wasn’t too rough with her.


We practised some tunnels today which she did nicely, I’m sure they won’t be a problem.. although it was just on my tiny one metre tunnel but still. We *still* have an issue that she won’t wee or poo willingly on walks. She’ll often do something on the way home from a walk when she’s particularly been running around quite a lot, but otherwise nothing. This is really frustrating as we took her to the Dog House on Sunday and whilst Gypsy had three wee’s in the space of three hours, Pogo did nothing. Absolutely nothing. I stood outside with her for about 10 mins at one point with no other distractions but all she wanted to do was sniff around and not sniff to do business. If she can hold it in then it’s not too bad but I was terrified of her weeing on the way home in Tracy’s car because she’s done it three times now when driving. Arrgh. Char said a while ago that Scandal had the same problem & that she just picked her up out of her crate on a morning and took her straight to the field when she knew she was bursting. I’d do this but it’s my dad who deals with her on a morning.. I don’t wake up until 10 haha. Grrr, really not looking forward to having to get up at 6am if it doesn’t get better.

Well, that’s about it. I’ll probably post another when I have my jump bumps & I’ve done a bit of work with the monster.

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